Nutrition Coaching

Let’s do this, together

I’m Courtney and my goal is to get you to your goal in the most sustainable and healthiest way possible. You see, I’ve been the person dieting on 1,000 calories a day. I’ve been the person doing countless hours of cardio to try to “burn” more calories. I’ve been the one questioning why my body didn’t look like I worked out, when all I did was in fact workout. I’ve been on the same hamster wheel you may have found yourself on.

It wasn’t until I decided to pursue a master’s degree in clinical nutrition that I finally learned I needed to prioritize nutrition. I found eating MORE, not less, was the key to getting my metabolism on track and getting the results I was working so hard for.

As a coach, my goal is to teach you not only about the evidence based science of nutrition, but to also help you establish healthy habits you can keep for life.

No non-sense, no restrictions. Just science, empathy, and a helping hand because you don’t have to do this alone.