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Katherine Before and After Pictures from Nutrition Coaching


“I know how to lose weight, quick. I know how to be restrictive, black and white, follow rules, and be in a constant diet mindset. What I’ve been searching for is how to really change my body, how to have a healthier mental state with food, how to eat more, how to feel free and not have a constant internal battle with food. Then I found Courtney! She provided the accountability, support, tips, and tiny tweaks in my macros that I needed. She’s coached me though a cut and my first reverse. I’ve trusted her every step of the way and she always proves herself! This gal knows what she’s doing, hands down! And she’s so dang sweet! I told her my goals and she helped me get there not only physically but mentally as well! I’m finally out of “skinny fat” and making true changes to my body! I didn’t even know this was possible after all these years. But she’s coached me though vacations, date nights, menus, mindsets, being sick, etc. She responds immediately, is so uplifting, and incredibly knowledgeable! Despite all that…every. single. Recipe of hers is freaking amazing! Seriously! ⠀

I don’t know why I didn’t sign up with her sooner. She has guided me on a path that is TRULY life changing. I look better, I feel better, I’m stronger, I’m happier. Thank you so much Courtney! You’re an incredible coach but you’ve also become a good friend ❤️ I appreciate you so much!!!”

Bailey Before and After Pictures from Nutrition Coaching


“I’ve struggled with my body image and weight fluctuations for many years. I was finally ready to make a lifestyle change and knew that I couldn’t do this alone – diets had failed me in the past and I knew restriction dieting was never going to work for me. I had been following Courtney on Instagram for a few months and could tell she was a real human being, so down-to-earth (see: Rushing Reviews). When she started taking on new clients, I hesitantly reached out and asked if she was one of those coaches that makes you cut out alcohol; because I live and work in wine and it’s not sustainable for me to cut it out permanently. I’ll never forget her response: “this is about lifestyle and creating healthy habits and wine is definitely a healthy habit! We aren’t bikini competitors or bodybuilders, we are real people. Real people drink wine”. That was it, I was sold! And Courtney practices what she preaches. It’s all about moderation – if you don’t have a great day today, try again tomorrow. And that motto has helped me in so many areas of my life, not just nutrition. I started working with Courtney in October 2020 and as of February 2021, I have lost 20 pounds and 5 inches in my waist/hips. I still go out and drink wine and have amazing dinners (not usually macro friendly) with my friends and family but, because of the sustainable habits I’ve created over the last 4 months, the weight loss sticks around and I wake up the next morning without the guilt I used to have. Courtney is changing lives. She is relatable. She is a pseudo-therapist through her weekly emails. She is supportive. She is encouraging. She will make your life better. Change is tough and lifestyle changes are even tougher, but with Courtney on your side as your coach, it feels so much more attainable.”

Katherine Multiple Before and After Pictures from Nutrition Coaching


“When I started working with Courtney, my gut health and overall approach to health and wellness was really off. While I wanted to lose weight, I knew that it was important that I share my symptoms with Courtney including bloat, discomfort, my high-intensity workout plan and anything else that would be helpful for her to evaluate in adjusting my calories, macros and overall routine.

I knew that I found the best coach ever when Courtney evaluated my situation and recommended that we prioritize my gut health first and foremost. Since tracking my food triggers, eliminating and reintroducing foods, increasing my calories, adjusting my workout to incorporate more strength training and less crazy HIIT workouts, I am literally a new person. My gut health is 100000 times better than this time last year, I have way more energy, my micro and macronutrients are prioritized, I’m lifting heavier weights than ever before and not wasting time with hours of cardio each week, I’m living a balanced and happy life and I’m so thankful for Courtney. She’s the best coach, mentor and friend and I can’t recommend her enough. I’ve learned SO much from her and I know there is still so much to learn. If it weren’t for Courtney, I’d still be under eating, my gut health would be impaired and I’d still be chasing this idea of health that was really all wrong. It’s so important to invest in yourself and become educated in your overall health because it’s essential to feeling your best and living your best life.”

Taylor Before, End of Cut, and Reverse to Maintenance Pictures from Nutrition Coaching


“I came to Courtney with two different goals: 1) aesthetic goals (losing fat/body recomp) and 2) gut health improvement. I suspected that IBS (or other food sensitivities) were to blame for my digestion issues and Courtney was great with walking me through the low-FODMAP diet, while still helping me towards my aesthetic goals. She was also great about helping with any questions I had along the way. If I sent her an email, I knew that I’d always have a response by the next morning. I appreciated that all of her suggestions and advice were backed by science and that she shares her research for further reading. She isn’t a coach that is going to put you on a fad diet or tell you to eliminate any foods. Instead, she helps you learn how to develop healthy habits and fit the foods that you love into your lifestyle. I have worked with Courtney for 20 weeks and while it turned out that food may not be the culprit of my digestion issues, I have at least fully examined how foods impact me. I also have had success with body recomposition through a cut and going back to maintenance. Courtney has definitely helped me develop all of the tools I need for long term success and I am forever grateful! You can’t go wrong by choosing Courtney as your coach!”

Courtney Before and After Pictures from Nutrition Coaching


“Courtney’s program is fantastic because it not only works, but it’s not a crash or fad diet. It’s based on actual science — she’s the only social media “influencer” (idk if you like that word!) I’ve ever seen cite her claims by posting real research. And, it is flexible. I had one vice that always messed with me when I tried to diet: I like to have a sugary coffee in the morning. It was really important to me to be able to still fit that in and with this macro program, I could. What’s important is that I learned how to structure my day around it with enough healthy eating (and just a little less sugar in the coffee) to be sustainable both from a health perspective and a self-care, this tiny thing makes me happy perspective. Measuring fiber and protein also was a game changer to seeing changes in my body. If you want to actually start taking care of your nutrition, this is the program for you!”

Lauren Before and After Pictures from Nutrition Coaching


“In the world of fitness and health, Courtney is definitely who you want in your corner. I had been following her on Instagram for some time before I contacted her to be my coach. I liked her “vibe,” and she seemed easy to talk to. Once she became my official coach, she really helped me see my goals as attainable and encouraged me every week to keep pushing. During this time, I was training for a race, so discussing my progress in regards to other factors such as sleep & muscle soreness helped me gauge my overall success. I know health can’t be wrapped up in a number on a scale like society tells us, but Courtney definitely helped me understand the science behind reaching my goals. Her methods actually worked! I felt and looked stronger after our 4 week journey together. Way too often women under-eat in order to attain some lofty health goal, when that usually puts you back to square 1. I would recommend Courtney as a coach to anyone who wants to better their health, whether that’s nutritionally, physically, or even mentally. Because best of all, Courtney is a great cheerleader & friend. You can’t lose!”


“I found Courtney on Instagram while looking specifically for a macro counting guide or coach. Before ever reaching out to her, I ended up on her profile, then website, then ordered a 6-week program that included her one-on-one assistance. I didn’t realize that I was going to connect with her spirit and energy along with getting the right counts for my goals. And getting a gym + at-home training plan along with my nutrition goals was an even bigger added bonus. I am already a fit-minded person with generally healthy habits, so I needed someone that was going to recognize that and still dig a little deeper to help achieve the changes that I was hoping for. Courtney’s credentials were what became most important to me while settling in on who/what I was going to invest my time and money into. We live in a world where anyone can be a Instagram fitfluencer, but most of them don’t come with the education or personal experience that she does.

I am only 4 weeks in and life has continued around me, so I haven’t been as diligent as I planned on being, but Courtney has been there offering tips and tricks every step of the way. Whether it is how to prepare for my already busy weeks, or making the most of my precious time, or laughing at my stupid hydration jokes – she is a great coach and cheerleader. And her other client testimonials remind me that this is a lifestyle change and changes won’t appear overnight. So be patient and persistent – we will figure it out together.

Additionally, her recipes are quick, easy, and delicious. And Rushing Reviews with dad make me laugh every week. When people ask me about my training and nutrition, I immediately send them her profile and share my nothing but positive experiences thus far.”


“I have been working with Courtney for a little over a year now. I honestly have not had more success with any other coach or program, and I have seriously tried everything! I have been heavy into health and fitness since high school; over 10 years now, and always resorted to a 1200 calorie diet and 45-60min of cardio everyday to lose weight. Of course, I would lose weight but, in the process, ruined my metabolism, lost a lot of muscle tone, and STILL didn’t feel like my body looked lean. Courtney has coached me on how to eat a balanced diet, work out the correct way, and fit the foods I love into what I’m eating while reaching my goals! It has become more of a lifestyle rather than a crash diet and yoyoing weight. I also have learned the importance of non-scale victories, such as losing inches, feeling so much healthier, less bloated, less water retention, more energy, and better sleep! I am still a work in progress, but my body composition changes every week and I feel and look so much better with her guiding me. Since Courtney has an extensive background in evidence-based coaching It makes me confident that I am trusting in someone who truly knows what they are talking about, has a passion for it, and isn’t out to “sell” any quick-fix gimmicks. Having Courtney as my coach gives me the accountability I NEED to stick to my goals and the motivation to put in the hard work! & THAT is the kind of coach you want to work with!”


“People say in your 50’s change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have Courtney as your coach to guide you through the process. Courtney is not the ‘30 days to a killer body’ kind of coach, which I love and appreciate. She taught me how to trust the process with consistency and patience. With her help and guidance I have improved my health and sleep, but I have also gained the ability to achieve the most out of my workouts and I now know how to enjoy all the good foods I love in a way that is good for maintaining good health. I have lost over 25lbs and 9 inches overall. She is always available to answer questions and address my concerns. If you want a real, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle change – Courtney is your girl.”


“Coaching with Courtney was something completely different than what I thought it would be. Having to sit down and think about what I was putting into my body really made a lasting Impact that I still carry with me, without the coaching. Over the 8-week coaching Courtney provided thought-provoking reflection questions for me. This require me to sit and reflect on my week, figure out what worked, what didn’t work, and how to change it for the next week. During the weeks that I had moments of what I considered ‘failure’, I was met with a kind response of “Its just a cookie. You didn’t ruin anything. It’s okay to enjoy things like that, just in moderation”. This is the type of coaching I have ALWAYS needed!! Courtney held me accountable at the same time she told me my cravings were natural and my desire for chocolate was nothing be to ignored.

Overall, my experience with coaching has empowered and educated me on what my body really needs to operate and what I need to do to successfully Maintain the health which I desire. I recommend Courtney to anyone I know who is looking to regain control of their health again.

Now, off to the gym to do one of the workouts provided during my coaching and to get my 10k steps in!🙂